If you are not one of those people who can party whole weekend long without catching some sleep, then you probably need a place the to rest. Duh! 😊 We can offer you some options, however each of them has one major rule – you can set up your tent on a specific camping site. Remember we all deeply care about the Museum and our goal is to leave it at the end of the festival the way we found it. So here are your camping options:

  • camping (see the map) – located next to everything that happens at the festival, with two great advantage – two pools! ☀️🌊😎 However there is a trick – you can get your tickets only by following the banner that you can find on website and mobile app. Price – 11 Eur.
  • WHITE camping (see the map): located further from the main festival area, but close to main parking lot and the entrance to the festival. Good night’s sleep guaranteed. Price – 1 Eur per person.
  • YELLOW camping (see the map): located close to main parking lot and the entrance to the festival, closer to the active area, therefore might be slightly noisy. Price – 2 Eur per person.
  • SOLD OUT! BLUE camping (see the map): located right in the middle between main entrance and active zone, neighbouring some nightlife stages. Good for party lovers. Price – 4 Eur per person.
  • SOLD OUT! GREEN camping (see the map): located basically in the centre of the festival, close to main active area. No rest for the wicked 😉 Price – 6 Eur per person.
  • CAMPER area (see the map): located at the end of the yellow camping, divided into two lots – one with connection to electricity (price 55 Eur per vehicle), another without electricity (price 45 Eur per vehicle).

NB! Camping and camper ticket is not valid without festival ticket. Particular area can be accessed with particular ticket only.