You know exactly what LP means when she sings. Without the limits of genre, the multiplatinum singer-songwriter, with more than 3 billion streams to her name, has created a powerful sound and devoted following all her own. LP’s YouTube channel currently receives over 1 million views a day and her songs on Spotify are streamed by up to 6 million monthly listeners around the world. Her soulful lyrics can reveal an intimate truth in one breath and swaggerly flip the middle finger the next. Her songs can extend to fans a seductive invitation or deliver a deep sense of purpose that lingers in your thoughts and feelings. Either way, LP has a rarity of character that consistently relates to audiences without filter or judgement. Each record is a body of work that is full of complexity, truth and self-discovery. You can easily find that in her megahit “Lost On You”, a global behemoth of a break-up song, that reached number one in 18 countries.