Frequently asked questions


Where can I get festival ticket?

You can purchase your ticket at or at You can get your ticket at the festival as well, just look for the ticket office next to the entrance.

Are tickets purchased for 2020 and 2021 edition valid?

Yes, all ticket purchased since 2019 November 14th are valid.

If I have a 3-day ticket, can I leave the festival area and return later or next day?

Yes, you can. When you enter the festival area for the first time, your ticket will be exchanged to a wristband. This wristband gives you the right to leave and re-enter the festival as many times as you want to. If you lose your wristband, you will not be given a new one, because you can exchange your ticket to the wristband only once.

Can I buy a ticket for camper?

Yes, you can. Camper ticket gives you the right to enter to the festival with your camper. However, camper ticket is valid for the vehicle (or trailer) only, not for the passengers. It means that each person who wants to get to the festival and camper area must purchase festival ticket. E.g. you and three of your friends decide to go to the festival in a camper, so you need to purchase one camper ticket and four festival tickets. The tickets are available at and Just remember that the amount of camper tickets is limited.

Where can I get parking ticket?

Parking tickets will be sold online in advance also at the entrance to the parking lot only. Every time you re-enter the parking lot, you need to purchase another ticket.

How many minors one adult can be responsible for? What documents should I bring?

We do not limit the number of minors one adult person can take responsibility for. However, when signing the declaration of responsibility an adult person must understand that he/she takes full liability of a minor person, of his/her actions and safety. Both an adult and a minor must present a valid passport, identity card, driving license or student ID.


Are there any showers and toilets?

Yes, there are many areas equipped with bio-toilets and sinks and couple fancy sanitary areas with showers. Remember, you will be charged extra for the showers.

Will there be any security in the camping?

There will be security guards at the festival during the whole event. However, you bear the responsibility for the security of your belongings. If you afraid to lose valuable things, like laptop, expensive golden watch, super new and valuable smartphone, just do not take them to the festival at all. Do not leave your wallet, ID, keys, or other valuable and important things in your tent. If you are not able to take care of your own belongings give them to a friend who can.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

Yes, you can bring your dog to the festival. However, you are entitled to take care of your pet in accordance with the rules listed in animal care laws of the Republic of Lithuanian: dog must be on the leash, if your dog breed requires a muzzle, it must be worn. You must collect your dog’s excrement and ensure that your dog does not pose a threat to other people (e.g. by hopping, by attacking etc.) and does not disturb them by barking. Before making the decision whether to take your dog to the festival or not, consider its well-being. The journey to the festival might cause stress and discomfort to your pet.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival?

You can bring your own food and soft drinks in safe packaging, i.e. NO GLASS IS ALLOWED. It is strictly prohibited to bring your own alcohol.

Can I bring cider or beer?

No. It is strictly prohibited to bring any alcohol to the festival area.

Can I bring a gas stove or a grill to the festival?

Any open fire including bonfires, gas stoves, cookers, grills etc. is prohibited. Lithuanian Open Air museum in Rumšiškės is a unique ethnographic and historical property with its own rules that every participant of the festival must follow. Any open fire can have disastrous consequences for the buildings and exhibits of the museum.

Can I bring my own water-pipe to the festival?

No. It is not allowed to bring water-pipes to the festival.